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When a rescuer hears about an older Westie who needs a new home, the heart breaks a little. First, there is the sadness that an older dog must be uprooted from its home. And secondly, there is the undeniable truth that a new home for an older dog will be very hard to find. So it was with sorrow that I listened as VSWHWTC member Kim Thompson told me about Holly, a Westie girl who needed to go into rescue.  Holly was maybe 10 years old.

Holly's grief-filled owner had to give her up because of a family problem.  When the owner disclosed that Holly had been adopted from a shelter five years ago, Kim and I were in agreement:  No way was Holly going back to a shelter!  We put out the SOS and several of our Westie club members responded.  Member Sue Griffith knew of the perfect home for Holly. The adopter contacted me and the rest, as they say, is history. Holly has happily taken up residence in her new home with two adoring owners.  The cat even likes her!

Huge thanks go out to all VSWHWTC members who responded to Holly's plight. Special gratitude goes to Kim Thompson, who helped get Holly into rescue, and to Sue Griffith, who not only found the perfect home, but transported Holly to Albuquerque to her new owners. 

A side note:  As Holly's foster mom for a few days, I fell in love with her! She is very lively and loving and sweet—a delightful example of her breed. Every day Holly proves that older Westies make wonderful companions!

Kathie Ward
Black and White Rescue

September 2012

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